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You can expect to start living a more functional and enjoyable life!

Your Initial Assessment and Evaluation

As a new patient, your first visit to Neuro Integrative Health is designed to establish your clinical baselines and set clear goals for your health, so we can measure your progress as your healing journey takes off.

Dr. Frick will ask you detailed questions about your current symptoms and your health history. He will perform an extensive and detailed physical and  neurological  examination, too.

Next, Dr. Frick will review any x-rays,  lab test results, scans, MRIs, etc. you’ve had done in the recent past.

Additional diagnostics may be requested because having all the information relevant to your health status will  give Dr. Frick the clearest picture of where you stand. Then he can determine the most effective treatment to bring you optimal results.

Your Conference Visit –  Findings  & Treatment Plan

Soon after your initial  exam, you’ll meet Dr. Frick again for your private conference to review the significance of your diagnostic findings.

In this conference, Dr. Frick will guide you through understanding your custom treatment program, one he’s designed especially to help you reach your health goals and see your functioning stabilize on a higher level with as little long-term intervention as possible.

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Your Rehabilitative Program of Care

We never offer a “one-size-fits-all” or “cookie-cutter” approach to treatment planning.All of your treatments are prescribed to address your unique needs.

If for any reason it turns out you are not a candidate for the care ClearSense Health provides, Dr. Frick will explain why, and will refer you to another care provider who may best address your immediate needs.

The Excellent Treatment You Can Expect

Treatment strategies prescribed for you may include: neuro-structural adjustments, brain-based therapies, soft-tissue therapies, low level light therapy, neurofeedback, nutritional supplementation, dietary modification, ergonomic instruction, and self-care home protocols.

Over the many years of experience, Dr. Frick has seen the most profound results working with patients over an initial twelve week intensive period of care. This is the time when many faulty neurological pathways are being restored and patients notice significant changes in their health. Many patients notice improvement after just one or two visits.

Dr. Frick monitors your progress with each office visit to make sure your treatment plan is on track, and confirm you’re getting measurable results from your program.

Dr Frick often says, “My goal is to transition patients from health care to self-care!” 

Treatment that is right for you

While he is happy to treat you, he will also strive to educate you so you can have control of your health back in your own hands. Why be dependent on endless doctor visits if you can learn how to keep yourself in balance?

After your initial period of care, Dr. Frick will reassess your progress and needs extensively,  and share his recommendations with you. Many patients reach a new stability of function and wellbeing. Some who’ve had a chronic condition for a long time may benefit from receiving  additional care.

Your Protective Care

Once your rehabilitative program of care is complete, Dr. Frick will recommend a Protective Care for you, designed to protect all the health gains you will enjoy.

By practicing the self-care you learned during your care program, and coming into the office for occasional periodic visits, you can expect to maintain your function and wellbeing long into the future.

All active Neuro Integrative Health patients have e-mail access to Dr. Frick, in the event any  questions or concerns come up between visits.
Dr. Frick is privileged to be a part of your health care team and is always happy to communicate with any other care providers on your healing team, to make sure you are getting the best results possible.

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