Once we’ve identified the primary area(s) of poor function in your brain or other parts of your nervous system through the diagnostic process, you can start receiving the benefits of appropriate therapeutic neuronal stimulation, using one or more specially-focused modalities.

In addition to neuro-structural adjustments and nutritional recommendations to support the health of your brain and nervous system, your treatment program may include brain-based therapies, such as:

  • eye movements and exercise
  • light stimulation
  • sound stimulation
  • balance and coordination activities
  • vibration therapy
  • passive and active complex movement activities
  • fast and/or slow stretch manipulation
  • visualization
  • calorics
  • electrical stimulation

and more…

These brain-based therapies are designed to address areas of your brain or nervous system that are imbalanced and improperly functioning. The goal is to provide appropriate stimulation of weak neurons (nerve cells) so proper function can be restored.

You’ll be trained, also, to perform some of these therapies as homework, between visits. you’ll be learning skills you can use for a lifetime to keep your unique brain and nervous system healthy and functioning at your peak.


LENS therapy is extremely helpful when your is primarily  imbalance results in secondary conditions, like anxiety, depression, learning and memory problems, attention disorders or cognitive complaints

Our special  LENS software measures brain wave frequencies and provides feedback to the brain in the form of a very weak radio frequency signal, closely matching the dominant frequency the unit detects emanating from you.

This therapy is designed to free up lobes of the brain that are “stuck” in a primary dominant pattern, leading to the suffering of the kind of secondary conditions  listed above.

Developed by Dr. Len Ochs in 1992, LENS uses weak electromagnetic fields to stimulate brain-wave activity and restore crucial brain flexibility.

A controlled study was performed to assess the effectiveness of LENS using 100 subjects with diagnoses ranging from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and traumatic brain injury, to bipolar disorders. An impressive 90 percent of these subjects experienced marked improvement in their symptoms after receiving LENS treatment.

Most patients experience positive results within one to three sessions, and the changes we’ve witnessed after LENS treatments appear to be permanent!

LENS therapy is painless, typically invokes an internal experience of peace and clarity, and lasts about 20 minutes.

Patients often leave after their LENS session feeling much more relaxed, bright and aware.
Now that’s a worthy health goal for all of us!
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