When something is wrong with your body, your whole life can feel out of control.

Too many people go from doctor to doctor never finding the help they deserve. Neuro Integrative Health gives you the personalized care you deserve to feel great again.

My pledge:

When I accept a patient for care, it means I'm totally confident I can help resolve their problem(s). When my recommendations are followed, I fully expect you to experience the best health of your life. Your body will no longer be a daily burden.

Are you struggling to do everyday activities because of nagging strain and pain?

We have a drug-free, non-surgical approach that gives personal care that gets to the root cause of a problem so that you can get your quality of life back. Our Neuro-Metabolic Integration Matrix reveals exactly what is going on, how you need to be helped, and what needs to be done to get back to enjoying an exciting, independent life.

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Why Neuro Integrative Health?

Patient Education
When you become a Neuro Integrative Health patient, in addition to receiving treatment, you’ll receive a health education, too! We do our best to place control of your health back into your own hands.
Personal Care
You'll never feel rushed or like you're just another file. Dr. Frick takes as much time as needed with each person.
The Best In Modern Research
We combine excellent neuroscience and chiropractic care so we catch what’s really going wrong with your overall health.
Dr. Frick knows that while most doctors treat the symptoms, you need someone who gets to the root of the problem. Dr. Frick expertly identifies techniques of health care that make healthy aging not only possible but probable!
Meet a Doctor of Chiropractic who is passionate about combining the best in neuroscience, nutrition and chiropractic care so you feel better, faster.

Dr. Gregory Frick is proud to serve the people of the tri-state area. For over thirty-two years he has been helping people leave the fear of losing their independence so that they can continue enjoying everyday activities. 

To do this, Dr. Frick understands that treating problems with pills or surgery is often not the solution. There is usually so much more going on. When he finds out what is really causing symptoms like acute or chronic pain, dizziness, fatigue, strain, or cognitive decline, he can properly address it.

Dr. Frick is a board-certified chiopractic neurologist and is the developer of the Neuro-Metabolic Integration Matrix. He has outlined 6 steps to effectively reveal exactly what the problem is, how you need to be helped, and what needs to be done to get you feeling better.

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"... I’m 80% improved!

I can do everything with less effort. I no longer worry about my health. I feel I’m on the right path to be healthy and pain-free."

– Stephanie Joyce, Teacher

Watch This Story Of Life Transformation

It starts with getting the right care plan in place.

From feeling hopeless every day to excited about new adventures in life

This is our process.
Come Meet Your Doctor
Book a 15 minute consultation with Dr. Frick. You can share your story and ask any questions you might have.
Experience the Neuro-Metabolic Integration Matrix
We identify the problem and what needs to be done to get better.
Start Making Progress
You'll quickly love the results from your personalized treatment plan.
Get Control Of Your Life Again
Start doing the things you love, free from pain.
Don't Let The Pain Get Worse And Take Control Of Your Life

We'll get to the root of the problem and guide you to write a better story with your life.

Book A 15 Minute Consultation

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