We’re all human–but you are unique in many ways, and your therapeutic needs are, too.

While many alluring “cure-all” ideas are advertised for all kinds of conditions, you’re probably smart enough to realize that no “cookie-cutter” approach for everyone. (Perhaps because you’re a living, breathing, changing human being– not stamped out in the millions by a machine, like a factory “cookie!”)

Your body, brain and nervous system are unique, and your needs are yours alone. If you really want to feel and function at your best, you need a personal treatment plan tailored just for you.

An accurate, dynamic assessment of your specific and overall functioning is our first step in improving and protecting your health and longevity.
To set clinical and functional baselines and establish clear, measurable improvement goals, Dr. Frick will assess you completely with these tools: 

Your Brain and Nervous System Baselines

Only 60% of your nervous system is the same as everyone else’s. That means 40% –almost half!–of your own brain and nervous system has many differences from others. Plus, your body, brain and nervous system change over time. You aren’t exactly the same person you were 10 years ago, right? More than likely, you don’t need the same medicine, exercise program or diet that may have been best for you back then.

Your initial and reassessment exams include the testing of your brain functioning, especially for any imbalances related to symptoms you hope to address. Throughout all assessment and treatment, Dr. Frick looks for your brain ‘side indicators’ (hemisphericity), which will help him design the perfect treatment plan for you.

Lab Tests

Be prepared to bring any recent lab results along on your first visit to Neuro Integrative Health. Dr. Frick may also order new and/or additional lab panels/blood work to assess markers  fundamental to balanced functioning, such as your blood sugar, immune markers, and to unveil any underlying potential for autoimmune, inflammation, or anemia issues.

At Neuro Integrative Health, we often refer to these systemic burdens as “Dr. Frick’s Health Breakers.” They must be spotted and set right, as they can prevent healing in spite of other treatments.

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Physical Exam
Dr. Frick will perform a complete physical exam.
Dr. Frick will review recent images, or order new images if needed to complete his understanding of your current health status.

If you experience brain problems like short term memory loss, concentration and focus issues, brain fog, or are concerned about the potential of developing more serious conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, we want to know as much as possible about your brain function, and how we can improve it.

With the right technology it’s possible to measure the paths and speed of your natural eye movements– what are called “saccades.” Your saccades give us vital information about how the frontal lobe of your brain is functioning. We use this information to know what part of the neuro-axis needs stimulation, or to be calmed (inhibition). Once we know how things are operating, a custom treatment plan is designed just for you.

Our new Saccadometer was hand manufactured in Poland, and is truly cutting-edge technology! It not only gives us a base-line on your brain function, but allows us to measure objective empirical results as your treatment plan progresses, and symptoms improve.

A full assessment also includes metabolic screening and digestive health screening.

You can expect Dr. Frick to employ all tools within his means to reveal the roots of your imbalance. Once the cause(s) of your health challenges becomes clear, a treatment plan to fully  address your issues can be designed with confidence.

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