Your neuro-structural chiropractic adjustments are performed in all three positions in which you live your life: standing, sitting and lying down.

While most chiropractic doctors adjust only in the lying-down position, we have seen how important and effective it is to receive adjustments in both standing and sitting positions, too.


First and foremost, GRAVITY. The function of our nervous system is dependent on stimulation from nerve receptors in our muscles, joints and skin. Without constant stimulation, our nerves cells weaken and die. Gravity is responsible for the constant activation of these receptors. Proper alignment of our body structure is crucial to proper receptor function. 

Most people perform daily life activities while sitting or standing, rather than while lying down. Adjusting your spine and joints as you stand or sit in the positions in which you actually live your life and perform your daily tasks is essential for your optimal function at work, around the house, and–if you’re active–on the sports field or dance floor.


Take back your health

Receiving adjustments in these positions provides corrective treatment in “real world,  gravity on”conditions. Doesn’t that make sense? We’ve seen that is does, and the physical improvement we observe in patients is truly convincing!

Patients who receive vertical adjustments often report immediate positive changes in how their body is oriented to gravity, which eases pain and digestive disturbance, and increases motion and function.

Also, not being properly structurally aligned to the force of gravity can stress the lower, weight-bearing joints of the body, contributing to the potential need for eventual hip and knee replacement.


Dr. Frick’s remarkably gentle, natural and effective adjustments may include the use of technologies such as the arthrostim. This instrument applies vibration to specific areas to stimulate muscle and skin receptors, providing the brain with the stimulation needed to correct habituated patterns of imbalanced holding.

While there are many ways to adjust the spine and body structures, Dr. Frick is highly trained not only in structural care, but in neurologically-specific adjusting – also called ‘receptor-based adjusting.’

WIth each treatment, Dr. Frick will assesses your body and brain’s needs, then give you an adjustment that will provide the right kind of stimulation.

These adjustments are given not only to correct misalignments, but also specifically to invoke the most  optimal, balanced and functional state of your brain and nervous system.