Metabolic Health

All of your body’s systems are connected. If you are suffering from any kind of hidden systemic imbalance–like digestive difficulties, general inflammation or food sensitivities–your metabolic state may be playing a significant, aggravating part in any chronic or debilitating condition you are currently struggling with.

Your Nutrition Evaluation
Your gut function and digestion/elimination are of primary importance, affecting your whole body, brain and nervous system.

You need to be functioning well to break down and absorb the foods you eat, or are not able to cleanse from your body any excess or toxic by products of your diet.

A healthy gut lining is important in order to allow for absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream, and–at the same time–keep microbes and toxins out.

Your diet, lifestyle, and any significant underlying stressors such as food sensitivities/allergies, autoimmunity, systemic inflammation, leaky gut, anemia or accumulation + of toxins (i.e. heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, etc.).

gut health

You need a healthy balance of beneficial organisms in our intestines in order to ensure a healthy immune system. Since 60-70% of our immune system is located in the lymph tissue surrounding the gut – our gut health and immune health are interrelated. It is thought that many autoimmune reactions originate in the gut.

Research is also showing a strong relationship between the gut and the brain. Just as a healthy brain is essential to healthy gut function, healthy gut function is just as important to healthy brain function! Inflammation in the gut has been shown to create an inflammatory response in the brain. In fact, it is being discovered that the gut has a “brain” of its own – the enteric nervous system! Our brain, nervous system, immune system and gut are intertwined and interdependent on each other.

Nutritional Supplements
It’s not uncommon for patients arrive at ClearSense Health bearing  shopping bags filled to the top with the bottles of supplements they are taking. These are either prescribed by other practitioners, or often–by self-prescription! While supplementation can certainly  be an important tool to help you recover and stabilize your overall health, you never want to take excess or unnecessary pills.

Dr. Frick relies on exacting blood work and bio-resonance testing to determine exactly which supplements your body truly needs (and doesn't need!).