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At ClearSense Health, there’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than hearing our patients tell  their true stories of successful healing.

Restoring and improving the quality and enjoyment of lives is why we serve!
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We invite you to enjoy a few happy moments with some of our ClearSense Health patients with uplifting stories to share.
We hope these videos give you a glimpse of the relief and joy that is possible, even when it seems that all hope has been lost…

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While suffering for more than a decade with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms, back pain, neck pain and chronic diarrhea, Nancy tried everything–gastroenterologist specialists in New York and Philadelphia, other chiropractors and finally pain management, too.
Nancy talks about all the efforts she made to get better, and the huge positive transformations she finally experienced in Dr. Frick’s care.
At one point she admits,“I used to drag myself around the house to get things done.”

So don’t miss the  moment when Nancy  says:
“My energy is wonderful now. I can dance!”



Ruth has had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 16 years.

After just one session with Dr. Frick, she slept through the night without being disturbed by her irritated bladder. “Unheard of!” she says.

Ruth’s balance and strength are improving, too.

Listen to how delighted Ruth is with her treatment results!



Father and son were both suffering from complex health problems that weren’t responding to traditional medical care.

With LENS therapy, these two generations of fine men found relief at last, and are enjoying getting back into life!

Ralph Santasierra wasn’t functioning very well, putting off the things he wanted and needed to do for a year because of his poor health and low energy. You’ll hear him say, “I’ve been pretty sick.”

After just two LENS treatments at ClearSense Health, Ralph says,
“I have more energy. I have better focus!”

Ralph’s son, Stephen, is a car mechanic. He struggled with frequent, intense panic attacks that were overwhelming and disabling before getting treatment at ClearSense Health. It wasn’t long before his chest pains, anxiety and associated depression started evaporating.

After suffering so badly, it’s a joy to hear him describe his rapid recovery, and to hear him say: “I’m more alert at work, now.”

Watch for a big smile when Stephen says–“I feel good!”
And when Ralph says, “It seems like everybody could use this!”



Gerri was at a loss on how to lose the weight that had been creeping up the scale, slowly,  for years.
When she began care with Dr. Frick, she lost 10 pounds in the first two weeks. What a relief!

Don’t miss the moment where Gerri re-enacts the moment she discovers she can get into her jeans again–“HOLY MOLY!”



Paula tried everything under the sun, and confides, “I didn’t think I could ever get relief. I had no idea what was going on with my body.”

She suffered rapid weight gain, bloating, constant fatigue, was always cold and as she puts it: “I was just miserable.”

She’s smiling now, though, after losing 18 pounds and getting all her energy back. She’s feeling great!

We love it when Paula says, “Ready for Relief? No truer words were ever spoken!”

Enjoy Paula’s contagious exhuberance as she shares her story.


These are just a few of the ClearSense Health true stories that have brought hope and motivation to many.

We know that getting started – making that first contact with ClearSense Health–  can feel like the  hardest part. But isn’t it worth taking action if you can improve the life you’re living  every day?

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