Patient Education

When you become a ClearSense Health patient, in addition to receiving treatment, you’ll receive a health education, too!

So you can live well into the future with as little involvement as possible from doctors and other healthcare providers, we do our best to place control of your health back into your own hands.

ClearSense Health Seminar

While you are in care, Dr. Frick will explain everything you need to know in order for you to be a powerfully-active partner in your own healing, at every step along the way.

You will also receive special patient-only access to essential educational videos. These short, clear videos will teach you how you can protect your structural and nervous system from re-entering old, negative patterns once your corrective treatment is underway.

You’ll receive invitations to attend Dr. Frick’s monthly educational seminars. You can bring your spouse, friend or family member along with you, too.

Your ClearSense Health learning experience can start right away. If you’re sure ClearSense Health is the right place for you, click the button below to get started with your care.Ready for My First Appointment with Dr. Frick

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