Come to one of two Neuro Integrative Health practices located between New York City and Philadelphia.

You’ll find plenty of easy, free parking in both Neuro Integrative Health locations.

South New Jersey / Philadelphia AreaNeuro Integrative Health - Cherry Hill Reception
Neuro Integrative Health in Cherry Hill
36 Kresson Road • Suite F
Cherry Hill,
New Jersey  08034

phone: (856) 428-0660

email: office@drgregoryfrick.com
Hunterdon County, NJ / Bucks Cty, PAClearSense Health, Hunterdon County
Neuro Integrative Health at Cane Farm

Main Stone House
99 Kingwood-Stockton Road
Rosemont, New Jersey   08556

phone: (609) 483-2143

email: office@drgregoryfrick.com