15 Minutes with Dr. Frick

Is Neuro Integrative Health the right place for you to regain and protect your health?
You owe it to yourself to find out!

15 Minutes with Dr. Frick

I personally invite you to come in to experience one of our Neuro Integrative Health locations, and join me for a 15 minute chat.

We’ll sit down together, and I’ll listen while you tell me about your symptoms, concerns and health goals.

Then I’ll give you my best advice–my very best recommendation for you–based on what you share with me.

Explore a free consultation with Dr. Frick

If I’m confident we can significantly improve your condition and you are a good fit for Neuro Integrative Health, I’ll recommend that you schedule your first appointment right away for a complete diagnostic assessment. Then we can get started with your care.

While there are many types of doctors–both traditional and alternative, and many kinds of chiropractors out there–no one offers exactly what we have for you at Neuro Integrative Health. You’ll find unique training, technology and experience and end results here.

However, if–for any reason–your health goals would be better served elsewhere, I’ll give you a referral for another practice, or point you in a direction I feel will lead you to the best possible information and results.

Coming in for a no-fee, friendly conversation is the best way I can think of to let you comfortably get to know me, and discover if Neuro Integrative Healh is the perfect practice choice to meet your health needs.

Explore a free consultation with Dr. Frick

Every day of your life is precious! You deserve to get back to functioning well and feeling good.

Don’t wait to take your next step!

Book your complimentary 15-minute meeting, today.

I look forward to meeting you soon –

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