At Neuro Integrative Health, we offer treatment and supportive care for functional brain, nervous system, and structural disorders including chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy, concussion, headaches, anxiety, depression, digestive, metabolic and musculoskeletal conditions.

Our goal is to see you and your family express your full potential for life, health and happiness – at every age, in every season!

neurological chiropractic

At Neuro Integrative Health, we strive to offer the most competent, comprehensive, and cutting-edge health care available.

We adopted the name Neuro Integrative Health for our practices for many reasons:
First, in case after case, we have seen how effective our comprehensive, neurologically-based, patient-partner approach to corrective and protective care is.

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Your inborn human “technology” is a receptor-based system. The clearer your senses, the cleaner the data your brain receives.

Your nervous system receives sensory information, and delivers this data to your brain. Then your brain acts as the “commander,” giving instructions for all kinds of internal functioning–related to functions such as digestion, sleep, etc. Your brain also gives commands for all the external actions you take, such as lifting a glass of water to your lips, walking up stairs, calling out to a friend or balancing on one leg.

Clear perception of yourself and your environment sets that chain of command in action toward healthy mental and physical function and task performance. And clear senses allow you to enjoy your moment-moment living, too, as each day unfolds with all its riches.

We focus on correcting the cause of your problem, not just treating symptoms.
Clearing faulty patterns from your sensory and nervous system will allow your body to find its way back to balance, giving you the chance to live on a higher level of health–and life.

We love to work with patients who have not found relief elsewhere, sometimes after years of seeking help through traditional or alternative care. At NIH, we know that the brain and nervous system can change for the better.

At NIH, we strive to eliminate any confusion you have about your health. Your treatment goals and plan of action should make clear sense to you.

If our approach makes sense to you, you’re practically part of our family already!

Give one of our offices a call or come in for a free consultation to get started improving and protecting your health, function and life– right away.

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